Quick start guide

To start your adventure with microHAL you will need to finish two steps.

Download IDE

Firstly go to download page and install microIDE. This action will install on your computer all necessary toolchains, programming tools, etc.

Importing examples

The best way to start exploring microHAL features is to download all examples and play with them. Examples can be divided into two categorys:

  • microHAL examples - these examples were¬†introduced to show you the list of components included in microHAL library. Every component have at least one example to show you its API.
  • microHAL drivers - this is set of examples from microHAL subproject that provides drivers for popular and commonly used devices.

To download examples:

  • run microIDE,
  • open or create new workspace where examples should be stored,
  • click File->Import...

In next step please expand Oomph tree and select Projects into Workspace and click next button.

When new window apear please find and expand microHAL Projects tree. You should see microHAL examples option, please double click on it, the text should change to bold. Afterwards, please keep clicking next button. Confirm all operations by clicking Finish button.

It may take a while for all examples to download into your workspace, so please be patient. When all examples will be downloaded project explorer will become messy. To improve readability change display method in project explorer to Working Sets.

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