Propeller tester

Project goal is to create platform for measuring proppeller + engine + controller parameters such as:

  • proppeller vibration
  • thrust as function of rotational speed
  • thrust as function of engine current (thrust energy efficency)

All project files are stored in SVN repository .

If you want to download this project from repository use this url:

Project contain three catalogs:

  • firmware - in this folder you can find source files for embedded processor
  • software - in this folder you can find sources for PC application
  • hardware - in this folder we store electrical schematics, PCB design, and 3D model.

Mechanical solution

When designing mechanical part of the project we try to find as many as possible of the shelf components so mechanical construction should be easy to build. We decided to mount engine horizontally so we can improve air flow an get more accurate measurements. Our goal was to measure engines with thrust up to 1kg. Propellers should have maximum 9 inches of diameter, so distance between propeller edge to the tester base will be about 4.5 inch. As sensing element we decided to use a load cell. To relieve the load cell from torsional engine will be mounted on a linear bearing.


Electronic design

 PCB was designed using Circuitmaker. IF you want to see it click here.

Actually PCB is partially mounted to develop peripheral drivers.

Data presentation





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