Snowflake which can be mounted on christmass tree. 
It contains six RGB leds which can light in different patterns.
It is powered by li-po cell and can be charged by micro USB connector.
It contains bluetooth low energy(nRF51) which can be used to check battery state and
modify lighting patterns.

 Side with RGB leds

Hardware Design

PCB was designed using Circuit Maker. Project can be seen here.


Software will be made using C++ microhal library.



We are waiting for PCB at the moment.

PCB before send

 We received boards and it shows on pictures below.



1.Soldering (in progress)
2. Making microhal port(in  progress-
First step is GPIO.


Another version. We have another conception with nRF52840.
With this microcontroller snoflakes can make bluetooth 5.0 mesh and synchronize lighting.
PCB was designed in Circuitmaker and can be seen here.

Snoflake with nRF52840

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